Cured meats in Mexican Streets

I was lucky enough to travel through Mexico for 2 months on my own in 2013. I fell in love with all of it, the smell, the sound of tone deaf street performers, the heat, the food and the culture. I constantly have flash backs of different towns and places and I remember feeling overwhelmed with joy as I explored through markets trying to communicate in my best broken Spanish.

Just the other day while I sit at home on the Sunshine Coast I opened an old USB and re discovered a few photos that made my heart sing. I thought were so fitting for where I am with Grazing Acres. I remember the smell of meat and the women swatting the flies away while the meat hung drying in the heat, oh so gruesomely. The lack of Hygiene made for nerves at every meal, but the taste soon took control and I would forget what I had seen only hours previously.

I love how taste can evoke such strong feelings, how smell can take you back to a time and a place and a memory has the power to completely take over what you are doing.

Grazing tables and platters are such amazing ways of creating a busy atmosphere and keeping momentum at an event. I love seeing people share foods rather than sit in one spot, you find yourself talking to a complete stranger about olives and bread – bonding over one of the greatest things on earth. FOOD!