A 12 Metre Graze

I was so stoked when an enquiry came in for a whopping 160 people – With special requests to spread their goodies over a monster 12metres! At first I was thinking “No bloody way can I pull this off, my first wedding, how stressful! enough is that” Then I just had to have faith in myself, something all new business owners face in the short few months of kicking off.. Rachel the Bride had special requests such as ‘no stinky cheese, added preserves sweet and savoury, croissants as an extra, six personalised salads and celery and carrot sticks to cater for her vegan friends. We also had to accomodate for 10 gluten free people… safe to say my nerves were over the top..

Anyway I won’t bore you with the details, but…WE NAILED IT!

A special thank-you to my amazing partner and my sister in law for agreeing to be delegated by me for a few hours.

Here are some photos 🙂